Obstetrical Services at Los Alamos Medical Center

At Los Alamos Medical Center, our obstetrical team utilizes the latest medical advancements to give you peace mind prior, during, and after your pregnancy. The caring and knowledgeable staff of LAMC’s Family Centered Birthing and Special Care Nursery brings approximately 250 babies into the world each year, all of whom are cared for by our Board Certified Neonatologist, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, and nursing staff. The unit features eight beds, including four LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) rooms that offer a warm, home-like atmosphere, and a Special Care Nursery.

The unit is lead by a nurse director as well as medical director Dr. Lynda Adrouche-Amrani, a dual boarded Neonatologist and Pediatrician who provides medical director over site of the special care nursery. The special care nursery is staffed by a team of Certified Nurse Practitioners as well as an experienced and qualified group of obstetrical and neonatal trained nursing staff.

Additional features of the Unit include:

  • Open visiting hours to mom and dad to encourage and support your involvement in the care of your baby
  • Family centered care
  • Case management and social services
  • Lactation consultant
  • Skin-to-skin care (kangaroo care)
  • Complete discharge education, including infant CPR training, to ensure a successful transition from the special care nursery to home
  • Overnight transition rooms for parents who need further education and preparation before going home
  • The staff of LAMC extends its' concern that your baby must remain in the hospital. We understand that this separation may be difficult for you and your family and we would like to minimize the disruption as much as possible. We have available a special arrangement entitled, the MOTHER-BOARDER PROGRAM that will enable you to be close to your baby for a few days beyond your normal hospital stay. 

Childbirth Classes

The birth of your child is an experience you will always remember.  At Los Alamos Medical Center, we want to share in that preparation through our free childbirth education classes.  Our certified childbirth educator leads you through: body and hormonal changes in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum; options for labor and delivery, as well as coping measures; breastfeeding; and what to expect as you bring your baby home.  Our guest speakers in each series – an OB, a pediatrician, a neonatal nurse practitioner, and representatives of local community resources – round out the classes. 

Nothing can quite prepare you for birth, but our goal is to reduce the unknown and give you information to help you make the best decisions for your family.  Our classes are on Wednesday evenings and there are six classes per series.

LAMC Childbirth classes 2020

Series 1:      January 8 through February 5                     

         Series 2:      March 6 & 7 (Friday 6-8:30pm & Saturday 9a-4p)

         Series 3:      April 22 through May 20                                         

                              Series 4:      June 17 through July 15                                                              

Series 5:                 August 12 through September 9 

Series 6:      September 30 through October 28*

All classes are Wednesday evenings, 6pm to 8:30pm (except Series 2)

Class overview: discuss birth, breastfeeding, bonding, caring for baby; guest speakers: community resource representatives and pediatrician answer your questions

To sign up for classes call 505-661-9228

Class particulars will be emailed to you a week prior to class.


Class is free

If you are interested in attending one of our free prenatal classes please complete our sign-up form.

Family-Centered Birthing

Our mother baby unit is mostly private maternity providing care for new mother and their healthy newborn. Our nurses are trained to meet the needs of these special patients. We understand that birth is a normal process and we encourage mom to keep baby at her bedside, known as rooming, to learn how to respond to her baby's need, establish an interrupted skin to skin care as soon as her baby is born and to identify feeding cues with establishing breastfeeding it bottle feeding if mom decided to do so. 

A mother's desire to keep her healthy newborn near her is instinctive. Towards that endeavor we offer Kangaroo Care, a method of holding a baby that involves skin-to-skin contact. Research indicates this is exactly what mom and her baby need. Some of the benefits to the mother include distraction from discomfort, more confidence in caring for her baby, less anxiety and strengthened attachment to her baby which is believed to decrease the incidence of post partum depression. Some of the benefits to the baby include improved ability to maintain temperature, decreased incidence of low blood sugar, less crying and increased success with breastfeeding which can decrease the chance of the baby developing jaundice.

All of our nurses are trained to assist our new mothers to successfully establish breastfeeding, should there be a need for more intense intervention, a certified Lactation specialist is available to assist during the hospital stay and after discharge.

Breast Feeding & Lactation Consultation

Los Alamos Medical Center is proud to support to the breastfeeding moms in our area – those at work and at home. We are committed to making communities healthier, and breastfeeding education enables us to do this with twice the impact, as it benefits babies and their mothers. We have a board certified lactation consultant on staff to support your breastfeeding efforts. Our lactation consultant has over 20 years of experience helping moms breastfeed, working with mothers and babies in a variety of areas. To learn more click here.

Special Care Nursery

If the baby should require care in the Special Care Nursery, the LAMC staff will help mom to get to her baby's bedside whenever she is ready and she wants. Our Special Care Nursery can provide care to infant who is moderately Ill with problems that are excepted to resolve rapidly. Those babies are at moderate risk of serious complications related to immaturity, illness and or their management. This may include jaundice, transient tachypnea of newborn, respiratory distress syndrome, hypoglycemia, neonatal sepsis, neonatal abstinence syndrome and prematurity. Our Board Certified Neonatologist works with dedicated and skilled Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, discharge planners in helping the infants and their families bond, to address medical needs and learn necessary care skills, and to prepare families for transition to home. We can provide care to newborn infants that are more the 38 weeks gestational age ( infant born as early as 8 weeks before due date) and weigh more than 1500 grams ( 3lbs and 5 oz.) at birth or who are recovering from serious illness.

Child Safety Seat Distribution Program

Los Alamos Medical Center is proud to be a distribution site for The New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program. This program allows for limited distribution of reduced cost seats to low-income families who meet programs requirements and to families whose child meets medically indicated requirements for specialized car seats. To learn more click here.