Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 

Please Call: 505-661-9101 

An ounce of prevention pays off with a pound of well being through the Los Alamos Medical Center Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program. Our Out-Patient program is designed to provide cardiac patients and their families with all the advantages of cardiac fitness and a new start toward a healthier lifestyle. The three-phase program emphasis is on education and progressive exercise monitored by the cardiac rehabilitation team. 

Phase I is an inpatient program conducted by nurses and respiratory therapists, while Phase II includes continuous ECG-monitored exercise and is supported in most cases by the patient’s insurance. In Phase II, a personal exercise prescription is developed to enhance the individual’s rehabilitative efforts. Education classes are conducted by a Registered Nurse, Exercise Physiologist, and various professional guest speakers. Phase III consists of a maintenance program that helps the patient sustain an active lifestyle. This phase is usually not supported by the patient’s insurance and is therefore self-paid. 

The cardiac rehabilitation team, in conjunction with the patient’s physician, supports each individual through the program. Team members provide participants with telemetry-monitored, supervised exercise, blood pressure & heart rate monitoring, oxygen saturation monitoring, an individualized program to help increase endurance and strength, education on how to attain a healthier lifestyle, and knowledge and professional guidance to help patients adapt to that new lifestyle. 

Cardiac Rehab’s program follows guidelines recommended by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). For more information and hours of operation, please contact LAMC’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program office. 505-661-9101.