Los Alamos Medical Center celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 15, 2018

Patient Safety is LAMC's priority and when you come to Los Alamos Medical Center, our team members make every effort to involve you and your family in your care, and one important way we do this is by practicing bedside shift report.

Bedside shift report is an effective method for transferring information from one provider to another, while also involving patients in discussions about their health, progress and treatment plan. Instead of having private conversations outside a patient’s room, our providers exchange important information about a patient’s health and care plan while stand-ing at the bedside. This practice helps ensure clear communication, reduce the risk of errors and maintain consistency of care during shift changes. 

Bedside shift report is just one way Los Alamos Medical Center keeps our patients and their families at the center of care as we work to make our community healthier. We strongly encourage you to participate in this important practice at our hospital and take a stand for your health.