Medical Records Request

To request medical records from the office of health information management at Los Alamos Medical Center.

In order for us to process your request, we need you to send us the following:

  1. A complete release of information form 
  2. A copy of photo identification

Please describe the documents you are requesting either on the release form, on a separate page, or in your email reply. Provide a current phone number and mailing address. If you would like your records to be sent to a recipient other than yourself (i.e., specialist, primary care physician, family member), be sure to include as much contact information as possible.  

Once we have received the items listed above, our department will search all available healthcare systems for the requested health information. According to state statute, we are allowed up to 30 days to process and provide you with your requested health information; however, we will make every effort to process and mail your requested information within 10 days. Mailed documents will be sent via USPS Certified Mail--a signature is required for delivery. There are no copying or mailing charges for your medical records. 

Release of information form

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