LAMC's Chris Hammond, DO named Physician of the Year 2017

January 11, 2018

CEO John Whiteside, left, congratulates Chris Hammond, D.O. on being named 2017 Physician of the Year Thursday afternoon in the Emergency Department at Los Alamos Medical Center. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Chris Hammond, D.O., of Los Alamos Medical Center (LAMC) has been named Physician of the Year for 2017 by Emergent Medical Associates.

“I think what first prompted consideration of me for the Physician of the Year award by Emergent, which has about 500 physicians across the southwest, was when I went to Iraq during the Mosul assault on Isis … that and my work here in the Emergency Department,” Hammond said.

Hammond, 36, shared his passion for emergency medicine during an interview Thursday afternoon at LAMC.

“It started when I was 16 and got a job working afterschool at a hospital,” he said. “One day a man came in who had blown his shoulder off (with a gun) and I was amazed to see that and thought, ‘I could take care of someone who did that to himself'”.

He joked that he also went into medicine, “because I’m a very bad salesman.”

Hammond explained what he considers to be the most challenging and best parts of his job at LAMC.

“I take care of people at their worst moments and when they are scared and that is challenging,” he said. “Being able to take care of them and calm their fears is the best part of what I do.”

Hammond has worked at LAMC for six years.

“I like working here because there are two doctors in the hospital at all times and it’s nice being in control of that,” he said. “When I’m here I know my patients are getting the care they need.”

LAMC Marketing and Physician Relations Industry Manager Elizabeth Alvarez-Duran said, “Dr. Hammond signifies our core values … compassionate care close to home.”

LAMC CEO John Whiteside congratulated Hammond Thursday on his award.

“Dr. Hammond is a fantastic doctor and we are lucky to have him,” Whiteside said.

Hammond and his wife and their three children live in Los Alamos.


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